We keep a selection of antique carriages, both restored and unrestored, in various locations in NSW, some of which are housed in our 1840s wagon barn, and can also source a particular design of vehicle for you from our extensive contacts. We can provide vehicles in unrestored, as-found condition, or undertake a variety of work on your behalf through our contacts, from general roadworthiness to show standard restorations.

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Above: 1860s Canoe front wagonette by Williams of Walsell before restoration, and after, below
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Turn-out seat Buggy
Attractive 1880s four seater requiring minor cosmetic work, with shafts. The wheels are good but will require cutting and shutting. Sold as-is. Easy refurbishment.

Original Sidebar buggy
In excellent totally original order, yet horse-ready, with trim and gentle detailing this scarce original vehicle drives beautifully. Original shafts with complete ironwork

Pony scale Ride & Drive Victoria
A beautiful antique Pony scale Ride & Drive Victoria, seating five children or small adults, in good condition requiring cosmetic refurbishment. A very rare 1860s vehicle ideal for a Shetland or pony turn-out.

Double Seat Sidebar Surrey
A beautifully restored Surrey of the 1880s, in very fine condition, with pole

Light Spring Cart
A useful Light Spring cart, with good wheels and shafts, needing only general tightening up for use. Suitable for a trotter or a small draught horse

Pony Piano box Buggy
Equipped with pole and shafts, this attractive end spring piano box buggy is freshly restored and well presented, ready to use.

A selection of antique carriages is usually available for sale alongside our private collection, and we are able to source most types of vehicles through our carriage contacts nationally.

Our advice is to buy the best vehicle you can afford in the best condition available, and to secure it promptly, as opportunities to acquire the best vehicles are increasingly rare. It is far cheaper to buy a good vehicle in running condition than to buy a wreck and restore it, and the restoration cost will always be higher than the final sale value of any antique vehicle, unless of course there is history or sentimental attachment. However also consider that re-restoration of a poorly restored vehicle usually involves a complete strip-down and starting from scratch. Condition reports are available on request for any vehicle that we sell.
Rare Adelaide Street Wagonette

This very scarce 1870s Adelaide Street Wagonette, signed by W&H Mickan of Rhine Villa, SA,  features full seven passenger capacity on an impressive scale suitable for a large pair or a reasonable sized single draught horse.  A rare find! 

$7,500      SOLD
Hooded Turn-out Seat Buggy

A magnificent occassional four-seater built in Murrumburrah, NSW, in the early 1870s. This vehicle was completely restored by us recently and has new hickory wheels with iron tyres, buttoned green leather upholstery copied from the original pattern, and fine pinstriping and livery identical to the original. The bodywork retains all the original timber in excellent order, and the folding hood has side curtains. The shafts are covered in stitched leather, or we can provide a pole instead. The rear seat folds out onto scrolled supports. A lovely comfortable and lightweight touring vehicle. Featured on the ABC Collectors' Program. Be the envy of your friends!

$7,500  SOLD
Unusual Convertable Farmers' Wagonette
This practical vehicle seats six as a wagonette, with the rear seating detachable to allow use as a town wagon. The buggy has finely carved imitation louvred side panels.  The iron tyred wooden wheels are restored and in excellent condition, with long-distance hubs and brass caps. The coachwork is in good condition and complete, requiring an easy cosmetic restoration  to finish this handsome and rare six-seater. New steam-bent rear arm-rests are supplied, and Baxter clips are fitted to the front axle.                                     

Braked Town Sulky

A useful town sulky with brakes, iron tyres and long tray, in useable condition with very good wheels and reasonable shafts. With care this can be used as-is, or will make a fine basis for an easy restoration. Full sized, to suit 15-16.5hh horse or so.

Victorian Pony Governess Cart
A charming unrestored small Governess Cart for a 12hh or smaller pony, with good wheels and shafts, requiring basic restoration. Rare in this small size, and with original paint useful as a guide for the restoration.

Victorian Village Cart
An unusual small vehicle ideal for about a 15hh horse or pony, with slatted sides and sliding seat. The wheels are unrestored but in good driveable order, with sarven hubs and iron tyres, but the vehicle is complete and will make a great basis for an easy restoration of a rare country cart. Shafts are in good order. With general cosmetic work this will make a very appealing and distinctive show vehicle.
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Rare Victorian Waterous Fire Pumper
This magnificent Waterous Fire Pumper was built in Brantford, Canada, in the late 1890s. It is extremely complete and intact, and in superb restored condition with the correct petrol pump engine and hydrant transfer pump, with hoses, a huge brass bell, hand pole, horse drawn pole, rope pulleys, correct brass engine plates etc and many brass detail fittings. You won't find a more handsome or show-stopping entry for the show ring or as a stunning centrepiece for your carriage collection.                      

Scholtern & Marsh Show Farmers Buggy
This museum-quality barn find has survived in totally original unrestored condition. The superb quality of the buggy is evident by the lavish use of gilt linework and beautiful painted armorials featuring Masonic symbols. Probably built as a show buggy for this famous Bendigo firm, it is likely to have then become the company vehicle, given its superior quality and careful and limited use. The rear seat is detachable and an original duck cover is in place. The well detailed buttoned seat trim is in excellent order with only the rear seat squab cushion missing. Fitted with shafts with Bailey clips, Sarven hub wheels and iron tyres.           
Canoe Front Farmer's Buggy
A handsome, unrestored, canoe front buggy with detachable seats and a generously proportioned tray with hinged tailgate. The seats feature elaborate scrolled iron braces and the early feature of steam-bent seat tops. The English ironwork includes Mail-patent axles dated in the 1870s. Requires a full restoration but a very worthwhile project.

Light Delivery Lorry

This well restored Light Delivery Lorry has sturdy leaf springs, freshly rebuilt wheels and has undergone a thorough restoration including replacing all the timbers and paint. Equipped with shafts, the lorry is painted in cream and Indian red, ready for commercial signage or private use. Well presented in all respects.

$3,000 SOLD
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Exercise Cart
Beautifully restored by Max Mitchell, this lightweight cart has low panel seat, rear steps, Sarven hub rubber tyred 4'7" wheels, brass fittings, whip holder, slatted floor, transverse spring under seat, stitched shaft leathers, dark green livery fine lined in red, cream & black, to suit a 14.5-16.5 hand horse                        
Light Cutaway Dogcart with English forecarriage
This attractively presented small dogcart features seating for four, on elliptic rear springs and iron braced English forecarriage. The vehicle has been freshly restored to a good standard. New rubber tyres are fitted and a pole and a light set of shafts are included. Suitable for 11-15hh horses. 
Practical Town Sulky
This serviceable Town Sulky was well restored many years ago but has been poorly stored and now requires repainting and retrimming. However it is quite sound, with good iron-tyred wheels, shafts, Sarven hubs, attractive bent wingboards and brass fittings. The wood needs oiling and it could do with a new whippletree. An easy refurbishment or use it as it is. Suitable for a 14-16hh horse.
Medium heavy horse table top Wagon
This nicely patinated wagon has survived in generally good unrestored condition, with faded old paint and a tow hitch for a tractor. It has been fitted with a later outrigger frame for carrying hay, which can be kept or easily removed. The wagon is sound enough for use as-is, or if to be shown, the wheels could do with some attention (there are chips from the felloes on two wheels) and some cross framing would be best replaced. Still an excellent driving proposition or a terrific display wagon.

Smart pony size spindle seat Show Sulky
This beautifully presented pony sulky will suit a 12-15hh horse. An older restoration completed to a very high standard, it has beautifully detailed shaft leathers, smart chrome plated brightwork, half-Pagnell shafts and white tyres (showing some age but useable). Antique buggy lamps are available for $480 in addition to complete your turn-out.

Traditional Cobb & Co Eleven Passenger Stage Coach
This handsome Cobb & Co coach was built in Queensland about 50 years ago. Using an accurately made timber frame, steel under-framing, and leather thoroughbracing, the coach is designed to be drawn by either a pair, or a team of four horses. It is light enough for safe use with a larger pair of heavy horses on flat ground. Seats four to six passengers inside, two to three on the back roof seat and two further beside the driver. The vehicle was in use in Queensland for many years  for promotional purposes and then  featured in a popular themed restaurant, so it has been stored under cover and is generally intact. This is far more authentic than more modern steel framed coaches, and has its own interesting 50 year plus history. An excellent display coach as-is, or with general refurbishments this will make a good tourist coach.
Please ask for a detailed condition report.


Six seat cut-under Wagonette
This handsome six seat wagonette was restored about twenty years ago and used for hire work, for which it is well suited being light, sturdy and featuring rear access for the passengers. It is now ready for some refurbishment and requires some basic wheel work, hence the low asking price of $4,800

Listed below are recently sold carriages - more sold vehicles are listed here. Please ask us if you see something of interest as carriages arrive all through the year and we might find something similar for you.