At Millpond, you can, by appointment, view a collection of historic antique carriages. Our business provides facilities around NSW to learn to drive, buy or sell a carriage and accessories or have a vehicle repaired or restored.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist work through our network of highly talented suppliers. Whether you are looking for a comfortable pleasure vehicle for weekend picnics, a hire vehicle for weddings or a show vehicle, we can help.

Restorations of our private collection of vehicles are always underway so please feel free to make an appointment to view our current work.

To view carriages currently for sale, please click here.

To view some of our recent & current restorations, please click here.
Auctions of horse drawn carriages are held about every six months, please watch the site for dates and locations.

See our Auctions pages for more information.

Mac & Tosh
Mac & Tosh are our Australian Standardbred geldings who have worked together as a carriage pair all their lives. Between them they have completed over 300 special events and are extremely experienced and quiet natured, while still capable of a lively trot. Both Mac & Tosh are extremely fond of liquorice and are tremendously gentle and kind with people & other animals.

Tragically we lost Tosh early in 2011 to colic. The condition was discovered quickly so he received fast attention but he passed away peacefully with his family around him. Rest in peace dear Tosh.
Bill is a seven yo bay Australian Standardbred who has had success on the racetrack with his previous family and now enjoys a much quieter life drawing a sulky or light buggy in Jembaicumbene, where his special interest is carrots and long grass. He's been known to walk home on his own if his personal supply of carrots runs out when visiting neighbours.
Spyder is a 19 yo Clydesdale-Percheron mare who spent her first 14 years drawing stage coaches at Sovereign Hill in Victoria. Spyder then lived with Bill & Kaye Lang at Wee Jasper before moving here in 2009. An extremely gentle and friendly girl, Spyder enjoys occasional exercise drawing our Gypsy caravan or a light lorry for hay rides for short drives in the surrounding fields, far less taxing than the heavy stage coaches on the steep roads of Sovereign Hill.
Tyler is a wonderfully quiet eight year old gelding with a very successful Harold Park trotting career under his belt. Tyler has lived in Goulburn with Eric Day until joining our team recently, and whilst he's new to farm life he has settled in beautifully, quite happy to work a few hours a week pulling a light sulky or small buggy. We hope he'll eventually join Bill (after Bill's lost some weight!) to  make a delightful matched pair .
Originating from the Murdoch stud at Wee Jasper, Casper was a remarkable horse with an extraordinary career behind him. Sadly Casper passed away aged 34 in 2014 having enjoyed his last years enjoying a quiet life of breakfast in bed and plenty of extra carrots. He had been with his owner Camilla Davidson for nearly 30 years. Such a gentleman and not forgotten!
Coyote has one of the loveliest temperaments one could expect from a horse and likes nothing better than a big hug and lots of attention. He's always the first to run over if he sees friends coming, and an integral part of our horsie family, being retired here from his family the Davidson's across the road. Aged 18, Coyote enjoys occasional helping out cattle mustering, but mostly just has fun playing in the fields.
Yes, they're all a bit spoilt!

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Coyote's friend Gus is as quiet as can be and just wants to be friends. A bit retiring, he waits patiently for everyone else to run in for dinner but ambles along quietly behind. He had some dreadful shoulder and hip injuries as a younger horse and can be quite sore, but corrective trimming has made a huge difference and he will occassionally even trot.