The Wheatfield Gallery

The gallery showcases exhibitions of art and antiques, collectors' items and specialised objects.  Each item is available for viewing both on-line and at the gallery. The gallery space is available for hire for exhibitions, workshops and educational events.

As restoration of the upper floors of the mill building is completed, five self contained luxury apartments will open, available as accommodation and also as periodic artist's residences with studios allowing artists to participate in three month in-house workshops culminating with an exhibition of their work.

The well-equipped gallery space opens onto a grassy terrace overlooking the mill pond and the Jembaicumbene valley and wetlands, with a broad gravel forecourt. As part of the mill pond restoration a 16' undershot water wheel powering pumps is under construction for installation into the pond's water race, very similar to a water wheel that was operated here in the 1850s to power mining equipment.

Stage one of the mill restoration comprising important archaeological studies and identification of historical artefacts and the locations of outbuildings and ancillary structures has been completed. Part of this process comprised removal of the 1950s galvanised iron covered sheep yards and weather proofing the building, which has been partially open to the weather since 1885. Completion of these works has allowed the ground floor of the gallery to be completed and this will  be opened for special exhibitions whilst the second floor is prepared. Stage Two will see reconstruction of the engine house which will house a shop, a cafe and function facilities.

Important missing elements including the 70 finely moulded window frames, removed when the flour mill closed in 1885, have been carefully hand made by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania, and random width flooring to match the original has been sourced from Amish lumber mills in Chicago. Several interesting components found during excavations including the engineer's bell, various drive wheels and milling machinery parts will be reinstalled as interpretive elements in the completed building. The Jembaicumbene Steam Flour Mill was built using the important miller's patternbook "The Young Mill-Wright & Miller's Guide" by Oliver Evans, first published in 1795. Using instructions from this guide it has been possible to identify all of the internal fittings of the mill and to see where each item was installed.

Oliver Evans 1795 Flour Mill plans used to build the Jembaicumbene Steam Flour Mills in 1859

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Best in Show
November/December 2012
A group show about Dogs, with works by Catherin McMillan, Phil Day, Robin Wallace-Crabbe, Pascal Geier, Trevor Dunbar, Dinah Vandermey, Greg Sugden, Merrie Hamilton, Pat O'Connell, Suzie Bleach, Andie Townsend and Sam Kidd. We intend this to be an annual celebration of Dogs, and encourage enquiries for next years event!

Forthcoming Events

The new Wheatfield Gallery in the ground floor of the 1859 Jembaicumbene Steam Flour Mills building
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Millpond Farm 2009/2016
April/May 2017 - Everything Stops for Tea
Opens Saturday 8th April 2017
A magnificent collection of antique tea and coffee accessories - ceramics from 1760 - 1930, fine tea caddies, silver and plate, paintings and prints about the fine art of tea and coffee. Items range in value from around $50 to $5,000. Free entry, open Saturdays and Sundays 10.00am to 4.00pm, otherwise by appointment (tel 0438 126 987).
Some of the Wheatfield Gallery's past exhibitions:
Antique Toys & Games
December  2014
A charming exhibition and sale based on one family's lifetime collection of toys dating from the mid 18th century to the 1950s.
January 2017  - Vintage Film Posters

200 exceptional day bills and one sheet posters by Australian film poster artists, 1940s-1970s. These wonderfully colourful and graphic posters were used to promote movies in the glass cases outside cinemas for over 80 years. This collection features a selection from a private collection, ideal for decorators, collectors, film buffs and as great gifts. Posters range in value from $50 to around $500.

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