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Millpond Farm Auction of Horse Drawn Vehicles

10th March 2012 at 12.00pm

Lots 1-199    Harness, lamps, wheels, ironwork and driving accessories

The small items are on view and numbered at the venue. As most small items have arrived very late in the week due to the inclement weather we apologize that the cataloguing is necessarily limited. Major items include a very fine team harness in brass and patent leather for approx 16hh horses (estimate $7,000/$9,000) and an excellent single delivery harness mounted in chrome for approx 16h with red leather decorations (estimate $3,000/$4,000).  A fine pair harness for ponies is also included. An extensive collection of lamps is available, please telephone us for further details if you are unable to view.

Lot Number

1        Leather Axle Washers
2        Brass Tug Stops
3        Brass swingle Bar centre
4        Leather axle washers
5        Brass swingle bar centre
6        Leather axle washers
7        Brass tug stops
8        Pair of trace chains
9        Pair Ash Pony mudguards
10        Pair steel hames with brass tips
11        Leather axle washers
12        Buggy sign
13        Adjustable Buggy wrench
14        Excelsior adjustable buggy wrench
15        Pole Yoke
16        Pont buggy turntable
17        Spring leaf greaser
18        Stainless steel Adjustable Pole crab end
19        Pair pony buggy steps
20        Pair pony buggy steps
21        Buggy footrail
22        Double sided axe
23        Broad axe
24        Sulky axle bed
25        Draught horse swingle bar
26        Draught horse swingle bar
27        Whoa sign
28        Pair of buggy steps
29        Set of twenty turned seat spindles
30        Set of twenty turned seat spindles
31        Set of twenty turned seat spindles
32        Set of twenty turned seat spindles
33        Chrome plated carriage bell
34        Brass carriage bell
35        Pair rubber tyred wooden hub wheels
36        Pair of pushcart wheels
37        Pair of pushcart wheels
38        Pair 26" Pair Driving reins
39        Set of 21" Driving reins
40        Four leather traces
41        19th century Iron Stage Coach strong box
42        18' Sulky non-slip reins
43        Patent leather Phaeton Dash
44        Pair of buggy tail lamps with clip fittings
45        Pair of buggy tail lamps with socket fittings
46        "Caution Carriages" sign
47        "Caution Carriages" sign
48        "Caution Carriages" sign
49        "Caution Carriages" sign
50        "Whoa" sign
51        "Whoa" sign
52        Set of six Hampton Pottery Coaching plates
53        English Staffordshire Coaching Confectionary dish
54        Arcadian China Coaching Cup & Saucer
55        Two trinket dishes
56        An English Staffordshire Coaching Milk Jug
57        An iron tyre roller
58        A 6' Driving Whip
59        A 5'6" Driving Whip
60        A 5' Driving Whip
61        A 4' Driving Whip
62        A 4' Driving Whip
63        A Hackney Horse Led-in Bridle Roller and Tail set
64        A set of fine harness trace extensions
65        A curved Sulky Dash with iron framing
66        A buggy sign
67        A new Draught horse belly band and tugs
68        New Zilco Tedex Shetland Harness
69        A Wilson Snaffle Bit
70        A 6 ½" Draught horse Liverpool Driving bit
71        A 6 ½" Liverpool Driving Bit
72        A 5 ½" Liverpool Driving Bit
73        A leather Sulky Spares roll
74        A 22" Draught Horse Collar
75        A set of winkers with nickel fittings
76        A et of winkers with nickel fittings
77        A Draught Horse Dray Saddle and Britching
78        A set of new custom made single Draught Horse driving harness
79        A new 18" patent leather Princess collar
80        A new 18" patent leather Princess collar
81        A Draught horse Plough backband
82        A white Draught horse led-in halter
83        A white Draught horse led-I halter
84        A set of American mini pony harness
85        A fine Show Delivery Horse single harness including false belly band and wheel strap with approx 21" collar
86        A new 24" collar
87        A new 24" collar
88        A new 25" collar
89        A new 23" collar
90        A new 23" collar
91        A new 23" collar
92        A new 23" collar
93        A full set of Pair Pony harness for approx 11 ½ hh to 12 1/2hh in red and black leather
94        A rubber tyring machine including closer
95        A large coach strong box
96        A fine custom made Four-in-hand harness by Bob Edwards, Toowoomba, in brass and patent leather
97        An open buggy seat
98        A buggy hood frame
99        A stock saddle
100        A saddle stand
101        A pair of ornamental wheels
102        A set of buggy shafts (seconds)
103        A pair of 48" wheels
104        A buggy sign
105        A set of new Phaeton sulky shafts
106        A pair of NOS buggy shafts
107        A pair of sulky shafts
108        A buggy pole with Yoke
109        A pair of Dietz lamps with iron brackets
110        A pair of Raydyot buggy lamps
111        A pair of oval front brass mounted buggy lamps
112        A pair of nickel mounted square front buggy lamps
113        A pair of brass and steel acetylene buggy lamps
114        A pair of square sulky lamps
115        A pair of square sulky lamps nickel mounted
116        A finer pair of American brass mounted oval glass Carriage lamps
117        A pair of nickel mounted horse shoe front buggy lamps
118        A pair of nickel mounted carriage lamps with finials
119        A pair of brass oval front buggy lamps
120        A pair of square front brass mounted buggy lamps
121        A pair of large brass mounted Landau lamps
122        A new pair of round front pony lamps
123        A new pair of oval front buggy lamps
124        A new pair of brass horse shoe front buggy lamps
125        A ladies' Victorian style period Sidesaddle costume, finely made to authentic pattern and detail, size 10-12
126        A pair of Victorian ladies' riding boots
127        A Mail Phaeton body and forecarriage
128        A vintage Carty Harness
129        An old cart saddle and britchings
130        130-135 Vacant Lots
136         Two sulky steps
137        A pair of sulky steps
138        Two pairs of sulky steps
139        A collection  of steps
140        A collection of steps
141        A collection of brake parts
142        Two steps and a frame brace
143        A collection of buggy steps
144        Elliptic springs
145        Two iron seat rails and wingboard frames
146        A collection of turntables
147        Springs and sundry carriage parts
148        Buggy span irons
149        Two buggy brakes
150        A floor clamp        
151        An iron forecarriage
152        A nickel mounted Buggy Pole        
153        Three plated brass seat rails
154        A part Buggy Pole
155        A set of Sulky springs and rear hanger
156        A part of a Dexter undercarriage
157        Axles, springs and a step
158        Phaeton parts
159-199        Vacant Lots

Lots 200-242   Horse Drawn Vehicles

Lot 200        Full sized town sulky with panel seat and brake, 1910s, unrestored but driveable, with good wheels and shafts, painted in red and black                                $1,000/1,500

Lot 201        A bent shaft Ladies' Sulky restoration project,  1900, with Grafton maker's label, spindle seat and iron wheels                                                                $300/400

Lot 202        A turn-out seat Buggy, 1880s, older restoration painted in light green and striped, iron tyred Sarven wheels in fair condition, front floor requires replacement,  rear seat handle detached, generally sound, with shafts                                                $3,000/3,200

Lot 203        A full sized spindle seat sulky, 1880s, unrestored, with restorable wheels, damaged seat and shafts, old green paint                                                $700/900

Lot 204        A Victorian Pony Governess Cart, 1860s, with good wheels and shafts, intact body with original paint requiring refurbishment and minor repairs                $800/1,200

Lot 205        A bent shaft Ladies' Pony sulky, c1900, silky oak motorback seat, brass fittings, rubber tyred, requiring restoration but with intact shafts, wheels and fittings. Lacks floor.                                                                                                        $700/900

Lot 206        A mid Victorian Park Phaeton for a smaller horse, the iron forecarriage, axle stubs and wheels refurbished, freshly cut and shut with new rubber tyres, frame stripped ready for new coachwork, with an unrestored Motorback seat. A good restoration project which will result in a handsome smaller formal vehicle                                $1,200/1,400

Lot 207        A 1950s two wheeled Bakers' cart, in original condition  with pneumatic tyres                                                                                                        $700/900

Lot 208        A fine hooded coalbox turn-out seat Buggy, 1880s, in original unrestored condition, nickel plated fittings, wheels and coachwork in good order                $1,600/1,800

Lot 209        A light Spring Cart, unrestored, good wheels, requiring refurbishment                                                                                                                $1,000/1,500

Lot 210        A very fine unrestored Sidebar Buggy in excellent original condition, with original paint and trim (trim deteriorated), and shafts (fair condition)                $2,000/3,000

Lot 211        An unusual double seat tray Buggy, 1870s, with Dexter  spring undercarriage, old restoration requiring some attention                                                $1,800/2,000

Lot 212        A well restored Piano box Buggy, finished in red and black, with shafts                                                                                                                $2,500/3,500

Lot 213        A hooded double seat end spring Buggy, older restoration in very good condition, with pole and shafts                                                                $3,500/3,800

Lot 214        A spindle side Pony Buggy, for approx 13hh horse, restored                $2,800/3,200
Lot 215        A Perren Speed Wagon (patented July 1900), spindle single seat piano box buggy, with shafts                                                                                $1,800/2,200

Lot 216        A Pony Village Cart, with double springing to coachwork and shafts, circa 1890, painted red and black                                                                        $1,800/2,000

Lot 217        A good end spring piano box Buggy, restored, painted red and black and with pole and shafts                                                                                $2,500/3,500

Lot 218        A Frasier Buggy Company single seat Spider, with split cane seat, painted black                                                                                                        $2,500/2,800

Lot 219        A Studebaker slatted tray spindle seat Buggy, circa 1890, with early serial number, painted black and fitted with shafts                                                $2,000/2,600

Lot 220        A fine double seat sidebar Surrey, with excellent paintwork in red and black, fitted with a pole (shafts can be supplied)                                                $5,000/7,000

Lot 221        A pony Ride and Drive Victoria, Continental, 1860s, the 2/3 scale five seat vehicle in original condition with old green paint, red velvet trim, the dash and front seat folding to allow the vehicle to be driven from the rear. Original (damaged) shafts provided with correct fittings, needing new shaft timber                                                $5,500/6,500

Lot 222        A blue painted single seat Spyder, with excellent paintwork and finely upholstered seat cushion                                                                        $2,600/2,800

Lot 223        A full size Show Abbott Buggy, finished in maroon with very fine lining, Sarven wheels, fitted with shafts                                                                        $3,500/4,000

Lot 224        A Stivers, New York, Show Buggy, fitted with shafts                        $3,800/4,200

Lot 225        A rare convertible buggy, with steam bent coachwork, the two tilting front seats opening to reveal a double rear seat folding out from a curved panel, with chrome plated scroll ironwork, fitted with shafts, fine condition                                        $8,000/9,000

Lot 226        An early 19th century Mail Phaeton, Continental, with double seat button upholstered in grey velvet, French hood with solid brass fittings, and detachable modern groom's seat, independent shafts                                                                $7,500/8,500

Lot 227        A Pony scaled two wheel Baker's Show Cart, in excellent restored condition, with numerous show wins                                                                        $6,000/6,500

Lot 228        A fine restored table top Show Lorry, for a single horse                $4,000/5,000

Lot 229        A Gerald Pony Spyder, in excellent condition                                $2,000/2,200

Lot 230        A 1960c Land Rover Series IIA LWB with  utility top, in unrestored but intact condition, last registered in 1989 and stored since then. It is believed the vehicle should be easily recommissioned for farm or club use, and aside from the usual dents and wear appears to have only modest rust                                                                        $1,000/2,000

Lot 231        Pony basket seat Buggy. In excellent restored condition                $3,000/3,500

Lot 242        A Bavarian Hunting Wagon, on iron forecarriage with cut-under, seating for six, pole and luggage rack, older restoration in good order                                $5,000/7,000

Lot 243        A European six seat cut-under Wagonette, 1890s, older restoration in good condition, with blue and red livery, black vinyl trim, minor water damage to front floor and floor posts, with pole                                                                        $5,000/6,000

Lot 244        A rare canopied Victorian Ten Passenger Body Break or Drag, 1860s, the spindle sided coachwork with vis-à-vis rear seating and raised drivers seat, with pole; complete with a magnificent set of three correct period coaching lamps                               $23,000/25,000

Lot 245        A Danish Sefton-pattern Landau, 1860s, the rear compartment with original detailed button upholstery in dark green fabric in fair condition, refurbished coachwork and roof, later brake, and pole                                                                        $15,000/16,000

End of Sale
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