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Australia's Millpond Farm is located at Jembaicumbene, 10kms south of the New South Wales Southern Tablelands village of Braidwood. The property has a rich colonial history, and over the past two centuries has produced prize winning wheat, sheep & cattle. Gold was discovered at Jembaicumbene in 1851 and a variety of important historic gold mining sites and 19th century buildings survive  within our spectacular natural wetland in the middle Jembaicumbene valley.

Farm visitors
are welcome for our advertised special events and by appointment.  Please telephone us in advance on 0438 126 987.

Visitors to Millpond Farm are welcome to join in the animal feeding rounds, take walks through our 200 acre property which has lovely views to the Talanganda and Budawang Ranges, and explore our 25 acre wetland where you will see platypus, wildfowl and wallabies. There are many local attractions to see including wonderful National Parks, historic villages, markets, local produce and excellent cafes.

Farm workers are welcome under the Wwoof Australia Program and Millpond Farm is an eligible rural enterprise through which Wwoof members may receive accommodation in return for simple farm duties or general help on the building & farm restoration projects.

We restore, buy & sell, auction and value antique carriages, veteran and vintage cars and  Australian & European antiques,  and conduct carriage driving & furniture restoration courses. Our events program features several annual sales of carriages, antiques and collectables around Australia, music and food events.

During 2015 & 2016 our Mill building is being redeveloped to better facilitate visitors so please check in advance if planning a visit.

Information on this website is copyrighted
Millpond Farm 2009/2015
Information on this website is copyrighted
Millpond Farm 2009/2016

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Our grazing property supports our young herd of fine Alpacas, the wool from which is being used to develop a variety of high quality textiles, and we are home to numerous retired Angora goats, Suffolk, Dorper and Dorset sheep and one elderly but enthusiastic Llama. We also have a family of carriage horses and bees. Always a productive site, Millpond Farm is intended to eventually be self sufficient and will produce numerous natural and organic products for sale through our store. You can keep up with our daily progress by clicking on our Facebook link, or the News link, in the navigation bar at the left.

For enquiries please telephone (Australia) 0438 126 987 or  email antony.davies@millpond.com.au.   If you like our site, we recommend that you visit our friends at www.longbarn.com.au located at historic Tidmarsh in nearby Braidwood.

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1914 Sunbeam 12/16 Sporting Type
For sale  UK pounds 55,000

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