Fine wool alpacas

At Mill Pond Farm we have chosen to build a herd of alpacas to produce wonderful, soft fleece that's warmer than sheep's wool and comes in a range of natural colours, from white through to fawn, brown, grey and black. Being light on the land, alpacas are an environmentally-friendly way of producing naturally coloured fleece. Aiming to produce well-conformed animals with fine, characterful fleece, Mill Pond Farm also believes in producing calm, friendly alpacas. We use Camelidynamics handling techniques to ensure our herd is approachable, easy to handle and relaxed around people. Mill Pond Farm's alpaca herd is growing, and our current crias have arrived during December and early January, five girls and a boy. Currently we have around 70 alpacas in our herd.

Our beautiful fleece is being made into a range of quality products which will soon be available to buy from our shop and online store.