Plays 2 minute records superbly, with "C" type reproducer and rare swan-neck horn.


Edison's Standard model Phonograph was introduced in 1898, as part of Edison's efforts to produce more compact talking machines. This example, Serial Number S330832, is from 1904, a Model A, with an oak case and lid in lovely condition, the early more elaborate "Edison Standard Phonograph" banner transfer, a little worn but original, and an excellent Model C reproducer with diamond stylus in superb reconditioned order. The clockwork motor is clean and tidy, and while completely original, it performs perfectly. The black stove enamel is in generally good condition with minor wear commensurate with its 113 years. The beautiful swan neck horn has been well painted some time ago and is in generally excellent order, with correct nickel plated crane and enamelled cast iron mounting bracket. The Standard came with an ordinary "witch's cap" horn but this one has been upgraded with the far more attractive and rare swan neck horn, which also provides great amplification. It has an accessory 30 degree adaptor fitted to help give free movement to the horn as the carrier moves over the record. 

1904 Edison "Standard" cylinder Phonograph