This extremely rare example has had three owners since 1920, all in NSW, Australia. It is still finished to factory specification for the 12/16 Sporting Model with the addition of a "Colonial" radiator  which would have been supplied in place of the smaller version used on English market cars, evidently in the early 1920s, as the car was in use in the hot western districts of New South Wales, Australia. The major body panels are original including the cowl and the rear tub, and other restoration has been completed to a very high standard using all the original components. Lamps and brightwork accessories are original. The car originally had no hood, and none has been fitted during the restoration. A  folding hood was added and used on the car in the late 1920s.

The special competition-type engine features significant factory improvements including drilled pistons and connecting rods, lightweight engine block, oil supply and filtering equipment, a stronger crankshaft than standard and extra large valves and manifolds. The wheels are 880 x 120 and the radiator is the larger "Colonial" type fitted to most cars exported from England. The car has an electric starter and dynamo. The lights, horn, magneto and exhaust system are all original to this car. The interior is trimmed in leather as per the original pattern, and the major body panels and mudguards are original. Some minor cosmetic improvements would make this a strong competitor in concourse events.  Presentation is however very good and the scarcity of this important Edwardian sporting model will make it a welcome addition to Veteran Car Club events here or overseas.

1914 Sunbeam 12/16 Sporting Type