Built in London in 1897 for the Maharahan of Wadhwan, India, by Windovers Ltd.


A spectacular and exceptionally rare London coach-built double-suspension Picnic Wagonette built by the famous firm of Windover for his Highness Thakore Sahib Shri Balsinhji Chandrasinhji, the Maharahan of Wadhwan in India in about 1897. Thakore Sahib of Wadhwan 1885/1910, was born in 1863 and succeeded 20th May 1885. Educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot, he was responsible for significant improvements at the Raj Mahal Palace in Wadhwan, now a heritage hotel, and one of several rouyal palaces in his province. He died 25th May 1910. This important vehicle was built to the highest possible standard and has beautiful English Harrington Patent wire wheels with standard profile rubber tyres, made in London by the Coupe Company between 1897 and 1910, and popular in India as no maintenance was required on the wheels in the dry climate. It has full elliptic and cee-spring suspension with leather thorough-bracing giving an exceptionally smooth ride and the seat cushions are sprung and feather lined. The carriage was built for the Maharahan of Wadhwan in north west India. A Maharahan is a minor king, as compared to a Maharajah who is a "king of kings" i.e., richer. We believe that this vehicle was sold by the Maharahan to his cousin the Maharajah of Mysore when they exchanged palaces in the 1920s. It was brought to Melbourne in the 1970s with other Maharajah carriages and sold at Joels in Melbourne as Lot number 4 in the 28th July 1976 auction of the Maharajah of Wadhwan Collection at Malvern Town Hall. 


The vehicle is totally intact and structurally sound but will require cosmetic restoration or conservation. It is quite tall and gives a driving position about 5' up, with a full cut-under forecarriage. The French hood frame is intact and little more than paint and trim are required to reinstate this internationally significant vice-regal vehicle. Available for viewing at Mill Pond Farm in Braidwood NSW Australia. Please email us for a condition report and etail photographs.

Double Suspension Hooded Wagonette by Windover of London