Vintage Film Posters

Our fabulous collection of vintage film posters covers movies from the 1940s to the late 1970s, with some terrific titles, colourful graphics and nostalgic themes. All the posters are genuine, period examples collected from the cinemas at the point of the film's original screening. Most are Australian daybill or one-sheet posters not found anywhere else in the world, and featuring the work of some of Australia's most famous film graphics artists. In general, the condition is excellent. Some posters may have very slight edge tears or scuffs, and a very small number have minor fold damages or some minor paper losses, however all have been selected for their generally great condition. Any significant damages are mentioned in the description and the posters are priced accordingly. 

Daybills measure about 30cm wide and about 60-80cm high. One-sheet posters measure about 70cm wide and about 100cm high. There are small variations in the sizes depending on the period of the poster. Usually, when framed, collectors use a standard size frame and a mount to accommodate any size variations in the poster.