Posters for the film buff - June 2017

Opening on Saturday June 10th 2017, our exhibition and sale of vintage film posters is a great opportunity to buy some fabulous and rare mementos from the classic years of Hollywood. The collection of over 200 rare original posters has been selected from an amazing horde assembled privately over six decades by a Sydney man working as a cinema booking agent. Travelling all over the east coast of Australia from the 1940s onwards, he befriended cinema managers who would save up posters for his collection. An unbelievable 300,000 items were accumulated in this way, capturing some of the rarest film posters of the 1930s through 1980s, almost all in mint and unused condition. The entire collection is being catalogued for preservation eventually in a variety of major museums. Our selection gives a wonderful insight into some of the most popular and memorable films and will prove irrisistable to film enthusiasts. The exhibition, in our lovely 1850s Mill, is designed to get you in the mood, with free popcorn and viewings of a series of classic movies over the open days. Prices range from $50 to around $500.

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