Everything Stops for Tea - April/May 2017

Our exhibition "Everything Stops for Tea" has been running since May and we've welcomed over 1300 visitors keen to see the amazing array of antique tea and coffee accessories and paraphernalia assembled in the course of twenty years of research on the centrepiece - Lieutenant Governor David Collin's early Colonial tea caddy, made for him by his friend, the convict James Grove in Port Phillip Bay in 1803. The tea caddy was discovered in Tasmania in 1997 and early controversy about the astonishing find resulted in twenty years of painstaking research and forensic study which has proven that this fascinating object is the very first item of European manufacture made in the State of Victoria, and the only Colonial object surviving the fledging Port Phillip colony. It has been on display at the Wheatfield Gallery in preparation for joining the collection of the Museum of Victoria next month. Visitors were also able to taste a selection of delicious bespoke teas by Adore Tea - with flavours like Mango Sencha and Chocolate Truffle, who could resist....

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