Brilliant music videos made at Mill Pond Farm

Kate Halpin's gorgeous music video for Mark Wilkinson's song "Summer Rain"

Kate and her team of very enthusiastic young film-makers spent just one day doing this beautiful short film about young lovers taking an imaginary journey away from a repressed reality (admittedly they started at 5am and finished about the same time the next morning!). All of the props were borrowed from the Mill Pond Farm collection and the filming took place in the farmhouse and the gardens. We particularly like the magic show scene which was achieved at 3 am in the old garden with fairy lights and furniture from the house, under a garden sprinkler :)

Dale Alexander Bremner's haunting "We are the Outpost" music video for their song "The Motions"

Dale and his team spent just two days creating this haunting accompaniment for music by Sydney band "We are the Outpost". Lead singer Ethan who plays the role of the puppet boy obligingly fell into our freezing cold wetland ponds seven times to achieve the multiple image at the end of the story. The opening scenes are set in our 1840s wagon barn and workshop, with beautiful chalkboard sketches by Noel Myaing, then over to the Mill, the interior of which was heavily dusted with talcum powder to imitate a dusty mad scientist's lab (it still smells pleasantly today!). The garden scene is at the front of the homestead and the pond scenes in our wetland. The car is our 1925 MG Morris Supersport Special. All the props were sourced from around the property.

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