Our Family and other animals

Our Spring 2018 exhibition features works from ten local artists and features animals in all kinds of situations. Sam Kidd's wistful dog portraits of Lily, Pauline Webber's contemplative charcoal cows and characterful sheep by Catherin McMillan sit alongside Elizabeth Hawke's beautiful oil on canvas horse and Jenny Boyes' miniature birds in marbled landscapes. The gallery is being developed at present to include fine alpaca products and yarn made for us in America and some stunning fleeces from our own alpacas for spinning and weaving. We also have a range of children's books featuring alpacas - great for Christmas gifts - and a new range of exquisite Japanese marquetry puzzle boxes with very fine sliding panels hidden in the decoration which must be opened in the correct order before one can get inside. Also some splendid vintage style motoring caps and hats which will compliment our forthcoming transport museum in the barns opposite. Open every weekend between 10am and 4pm (closed Christmas and New Year, and check beforehand for our winter opening times).

Catherine McMillan "Rooster" and Haughton Forrest "Derwent Water, Lakes District" 1860s

Catherine McMillan "Rooster", Haughton Forrest "Derwent Water, Lake District" 1860s

Catherine McMillan "Portrait of a sheep"

Sam Kidd "Lily"

The Wheatfield Gallery at Mill Pond Farm, Jembaicumbene via Braidwood, NSW, Australia

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