Stunning award-winning films made at Mill Pond Farm

Nell & Nugget (Jembaicumbene 2014) Director: Nicola Tyndale-Biscoe

Australia, 1890. The gold-fields of NSW are almost abandoned, apart from families of ‘gleaners’ who scavenge for gold in the exhausted diggings. Nell, 13 & Nugget, 9 , sister and brother – live with their father Frank in the bush on the old chase. Frank spends his days foraging through tailings or ‘nickel-backing; deepening the old mine shafts. Nell & Nugget tend the veggies and chooks, collect the firewood & water. Frank is usually home by sunset – to wash and eat tea with the kids. One night he doesn’t come home.

The film was made using the 1840s stables at Mill Pond Farm, dressed to represent a Goldfields Police Station, and the Mill was used for the village site to which the children run when looking for help after the death of their father. Various pioneer items were borrowed from Mill Pond Farm's collection for use at the goldfield site in Mongarlowe and for general set dressing. The children were obliged to cry often - achieved with onions rubbed in their eyes - which we were assured they agreed to!

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