Historic Instruments to perform at Mill Pond Farm

On Thursday 9th May 2019, The Canberra International Music Festival will conduct a special concert at Mill Pond Farm as a part of their series "A Taste of the Country".

The Mill Pond Farm concert will feature two important historic pianos from our collection - the 1806 Thomas Tomkison square Piano Forte and the 1842 William Rolfe Cabinet Piano.

The pianos are to be played by two visiting pianists from Europe who specialise in historical music. The instruments have been restored especially for this significant event which will allow visitors to hear music from the period played with the instruments for which it was written. Tickets are strictly limited and available from the Canberra International Music Festival.

Visit our facebook page "millpondfarmbraidwood" to see a clip of the performance.

1806 Thomas Tomkison square Piano Forte

1842 William Rolfe Cabinet Piano Forte

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